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Super Squad - Online games
Super Squad - Online games

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Anti Terrorism Squad - Online games
76% Anti Terrorism Squad
Anti Terrorism Squad

To try to defuse the bomb before it explodes. Create a through-route for the detonator, which go by the seconds of your salvation.

  • Puzzle
  • Achieving a high score
  • Search path
  • The bombs
Star Defense Squad - Online games
75% Star Defense Squad
Star Defense Squad

This time from space! Your planet and enemy asteroids! Fight back!

  • Strategy
  • Enemies
  • The universe
  • Planet
Star Squad - Online games
75% Star Squad
Star Squad

The base is under attack by unknown intruders. As a member of the team you are in the first line of Defense, and you must defeat all the enemy!

  • Shooting games
  • Achieving a high score
  • Weapons
  • Enemies
Zombie Rescue Squad - Online games
75% Zombie Rescue Squad
Zombie Rescue Squad

Zombies are around the world and survived only a few survivors! Save them before they become food for the hungry undead. Classic from the slot machines!

  • Brutal games
  • Achieving a high score
  • Collection of articles
  • Timeout
Cobra Squad - Online games
76% Cobra Squad
Cobra Squad

In the Cobra team review all 20 diverse military missions, and save your Republic.

  • Strategy
  • Creative games
  • Logical functions
  • Top view
Snake Squad - Online games
74% Snake Squad
Snake Squad

How long can you survive in an arena full of opponents?

  • Shooting games
  • Action
  • Games on score
  • Upgrade
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