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Katjas Escape - Online games
Katjas Escape - Online games

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Katjas Escape 2 - Online games
69% Katjas Escape 2
Katjas Escape 2

Help Katje escape from the laboratory of mad scientists. Find all of the necessary objects, to resolve a series of puzzles, and uncover hidden secrets.

  • Puzzle
  • Action
  • Adventure game
  • Clickable
Jungle Escape - Online games
79% Jungle Escape
Jungle Escape

You can help your coach when you escape from the jungle. When you run, you need to pop off the rigs, but it is not so simple as it seems. Because you have to hit into the gaps in the rigs, otherwise no nevyskáčete. Along the way you can collect bonuses and the keys, but you collect for sure, because you don't know when will some key fits.

  • Jumping
  • Collection of articles
  • Platform game
  • Mario brothers
Embryo Escape - Online games
75% Embryo Escape
Embryo Escape

You can save the helpless embryos? This game is a replica of the famous lemmings style games, so if you know it, so you know what's going on. For those who don't know, so you must get a certain number of embryos a doctor into a container for embryos. The embryos do not light the path and waiting for them néjedny the obstacles and your task is to solve the problem. Before all the killing some.

  • Adventure game
  • Collection of articles
  • Platform game
  • Creating paths
Shark Escape - Online games
80% Shark Escape
Shark Escape

Get to a safe place before the shark. Jump from island to island and kríte in front of the shark.

  • Jumping
  • The sea
  • Beach
  • Shark
Crate Escape - Online games
77% Crate Escape
Crate Escape

Dispose of all the boxes that fall to you on the platform. Beware that the box did not fall on you, because otherwise you will crush.

  • Observation games
  • Funny games
  • Rapid response
  • Box
Escape Artist - Online games
79% Escape Artist
Escape Artist

Escape from the úmělecké workshop. Can you ever get out? Search for rooms, things that will help you escape.

  • Puzzle
  • Escape from the room
  • Collection of articles
  • Animals
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